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How Nava Wilson Expanded Its Marketing With A Dedicated Design Team

“Kimp is very quick to ensure that we get all of our marketing needs served on time, to the quality that we need, and in a very effective manner.”

Kubes Nava

Managing Partner, Nava Wilson LLP

What type of business is Nava Wilson LLP?

Nava Wilson LLP is a law firm in Toronto, Ontario, providing services in Real Estate, Corporate Law, and Litigation. The firm is committed to increasing access to, and awareness of, the justice system. And it does this by increasing its clients’ and communities’ knowledge of their legal rights and responsibilities.

Legal processes are constantly evolving and are often a part of particularly significant and/or challenging circumstances. Recognizing this, Nava Willson LLP strives to make them transparent and accessible, while advocating on behalf of those they represent.

What problem did Nava Wilson LLP need help solving?

Nava Wilson LLP needed a graphic design service that could support its team with launching new marketing initiatives. They needed a service that could produce on brand marketing creatives.

How was Kimp able to solve Nava Wilson LLP’s problem?

Kimp was able to help Nava Wilson LLP with launching their brand in a memorable way by:

  • Providing a dedicated design team and a streamlined project management process through which their staff could all contribute to making and managing design requests.
  • Offering design services through a consistent workflow and at a flat monthly fee, to allow the Nava Wilson LLP team to be able to plan ahead and effectively collaborate in the design process.
  • Designing a wide range of print and digital designs (including print ads, event signage, social media designs, email newsletters, presentations, direct mail campaigns, and holiday cards) to represent the Nava Wilson LLP team.
  • Providing multiple concepts for designs as needed so that the Nava Wilson LLP team could A/B test their campaigns on an ongoing basis.
  • Supporting the development and expansion of Nava Wilson LLP’s branding collateral, so that they could consistently brand all of the touchpoints their clients had.
  • Ensuring responsive customer service so that the Nava Wilson LLP team could scale up or down their subscriptions as they needed through different marketing campaigns.

What has been the impact of working with Kimp for Nava Wilson LLP?

Nava Wilson LLP has been able to launch new marketing campaigns and consistently do so with the support of their dedicated design team. They’ve also been able to expand their marketing efforts for each of their portfolios (i.e. legal services in corporate law, real estate law, and litigation).

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